Scottish Highlands

Scottish Highlands



40 thoughts on “Scottish Highlands

  1. The music of the Mel Gibson starrer Brave Heart is slowly seeping into the mind. Wanted to visit Scotland… didn’t happen 😦

    • Don’t worry . You are young ! Unlike me. 😦 !
      Lots and lots of time left ! 🙂 !
      But when you get a chance , do visit Scotland .

      Thank you , Manu


      • 🙂 Old age is the age of wisdom. Besides, I don’t think you are that old. 🙂
        I was saying that because I went half way through and did not visit. Will wait for a chance to visit Scotland. 🙂

    • To see the place directly ,is even more awesome , Janet .
      A real treat for the eyes .
      I wish I had a lens with wider angle to get it all in one shot .

      Thanks a lot !


      • We photographers are rarely content, are we? There’s always a slightly better shot, a more interesting angle, etc. 🙂 I’ve been to Scotland, although not recently, and it is a beautiful place, very spare in some places but still with that type of beauty.


    • Exactly that is what I felt there.
      – How in significantly small we are , compared to the nature !
      A really humbling experience !

      Thank you.


  2. Well done. I went to Iona once, and Fingal’s Cave. Many years ago. I thought it was a beautiful place and I would like to go again. Thanks for sharing your excellent view.

    • Certainly it is worth going to these places , Ruth.
      The experience of being in beautiful as well as awesome land is unforgettable !

      Thank you.


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