The Eagle


The Eagle

80 thoughts on “The Eagle

    • It is a bird that looks regal – like lions , isn’t it ?
      A natural leader who commands respect and awe.

      Thank you so much , Manu .


      • No wonder it was the symbol for Romans, the Nazis and the United Sates. 😀
        It certainly commands respect.

      • It certainly does.
        Cruel and ruthless being qualities of a great leader during the ancient times might have had something to do with the Eagle being a popular choice for royal insignias. 🙂

    • Its colors , the sharp eye . the feathers ,
      and of course , the attitude command respect at the first sight itself !

      Thank you , Heather .


  1. I love the close up of the Eagle, they seem such noble birds. i went to the Eagles Nest which is a sanctuary for birds of Prey. It was very interesting and I even got on of the birds to feed from my glove. It made quite a good subject for a blog. most of the pictures i took are on my webpage now as there were so many, I think I`m a photoholic. 🙂

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