Colors of Life

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Colors of Life


35 thoughts on “Colors of Life

    1. 🙂 !
      When the picture, brings a little sunshine into at least one person’s mind ,
      it becomes the worthy. Thank you for your encouragement !
      Have a great weekend !


  1. This is worth an essay and a short mystery to boot! Thanks for teasing my eyes!

      1. I think so that it’s a street scene of any European country and the picture quality cum clarity is so high that I feel my real appearance as if on the street. If you permit me I would like to REBLOG this picture. Thank you!

      2. Thank you , Neelotpal so much for the kind words.
        You are free to reblog it . Actually , I will be delighted when you do so. .

        Thanks a lot .


    1. It is a scene from the streets of Venice , Heather.
      All these colors are innovative way to earn a few Euros !

      Thank you.


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