London and London ‘eye’

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London and London 'eye'


29 thoughts on “London and London ‘eye’

  1. I doubt I’d have enough courage to ride the eye but if I did, I’d have a memory unmatched by any other conveyance for the rest of my life.

  2. Fabulous shot! The last time I was on the London eye, I was urging our two children to hold on and to stay away from the doors. I think it would be an entirely different experience if I were to ride the eye today!

    1. They have made it child safe , Elisa.
      I was quite impressed by the precautions they have taken and the safety measures .
      The view is simply amazing , isn’t it ?

      Thank you.


  3. I keep meaning to book a flight in the eye. Just haven’t got round to it yet. Great shot though.

    1. I was there in April this year , Jawahar .
      Luckily ,it was sunny on the day we went for sightseeing .

      Thank you.


      1. You should come down to Cambridge if you can the next time, lovely place to photograph and I’ll give you a guided tour 🙂

      2. Thank you ,so much , Jawahar .
        Would love to make another trip to UK.
        It is a ‘photogenic ‘ country , like India .
        Let me see. If something will materialise , shall contact you.

        Thanks again !


  4. Very cool photo. I do hope you will get to experience Egypt when things are quieter…wouldn’t want you to be someone’s political statement!

    1. Thank you , Anne.
      Glad you liked the picture.

      I will visit Egypt only when its troubles are settled.
      As you said, why should I invite trouble ? 🙂 !


  5. what a stunning view…not something I would do as I have a motion/balance issue, but seeing this photo shows me what I am missing!

    1. I too was anxious about its safety and effect on balance.
      It is quite slow , smooth and safe , Heather.
      And it is a different kind of experience – a pleasant one !
      The view is superb , as well.

      Thank you .


    1. Thank you , so much , Victor.
      I am fine.
      Have been to London in April .It was a nice holiday !

      Thank you stopping by.


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