A country road

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A country road


43 thoughts on “A country road

    1. This in Inverness in U.K. , Ina. πŸ™‚ !
      A morning walk through a serene place is certainly refreshing

      Thank you .


    1. I too have been to few similar places in my childhood .
      In the midst of vast green areas.
      In close proximity to calm , cool water bodies.

      Thank you , Mohan !


      1. Thank you UTHAMZ… for your nice Besuch.Habe a beautiful Mittwoch.Herzlichst Andrea

    1. Thank you , Sid.
      It was shot in Inverness , in Scotland .
      I have not been to Ireland so far .
      Is the geography similar there ?


  1. Would you consider posting the original photo out-of-camera along with an edited version for a photograph like this one? I would be very interested to see the difference. Your work is brilliant, and unlike the fad stuff I see now, classic. This photo, like a painting, will never be out-of-fashion.

    1. Can I email both pictures to you – though the original is a bit heavy file ? I am delighted , George . Thank you so much !


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