26 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I’m back, Uthamz! 🙂 I get lost. I read your sweet message about our first days here on WP. I knew you were good. Really good, and that your followers would multiply rapidly. And your kindness is obvious immediately too. It would be difficult to forget you. This spectacular photograph is typical fare here as well. Thank you for your patience in following me. I’m on my way to visit the posts that I’ve missed. I always read backwards from the latest post until I meet myself. 😉

    • I am grateful for all the kind words , George ! And for still remembering me .
      Whenever I see your Gravitar or name in one of the posts , I , really , feel honoured.
      I will , certainly , try do justice to the trust you have in this blog .

      Thanks again ! :)!


    • I too , was thrilled to see the scene – a mix of red ,blue and green
      reflecting in still waters. And early morning light was beautiful.

      Thank you , Heather .


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