What next ?



What next ?

40 thoughts on “What next ?

  1. Ah, the yellow tones. Perfect. I love this portrait. Of course, my heart is always with the birds. The marvelous detail is so striking because it is also soft. That is not easy to capture. I’ve photographed my birds long enough to know how difficult this shot is. Really impressive, Utham.

    • Sorry to late to reply , George.
      The white balance was ‘Cloudy ‘ though it was noon time with harsh sunlight.
      That was an error , but I was surprised to see the bird to look good !
      Thank you so much for your encouraging words.


      • Just for fun, I downloaded the photo. I removed the color cast and neutralized the white in PhotoShop with the Efex color filters. I also increased the detail. It was very different looking, but I still like your soft yellow tones for this dove better. I’ll send it to you if you want to see it. 🙂 What editing software do you use? I am inclined to think that you do not do a great deal of editing. Your photos are very natural with good balance and clarity. I like your approach to photography. It is the classic approach that endures.

      • Wow ! You have spent a lot of your valuable time on it ! Thanks – a million !
        Will you , please send it to me to drutham@gmail.com ? I would love to see it.

        To be honest , I do not know much of picture editing. As far as possible, I try to get it right in camera.
        I do some basic fixes like cropping on Picasa or Photoshop CS5, tweak , mainly contrast and brightness on PS CS5 ,
        add white border to all pictures on Irfan View and write the blog’s name in Picasa and publish.
        After reading your methods , I think I should learn Photoshop – which I have been finding a bit difficult –
        urgently to improve the photographs.

        Thanks again. Please send me the edited picture


      • Ha, I sensed the vigilance in it as I saw the photo and now you say it was watching you carefully… wow, how cool’s this evidence of the effect your photo had on people 🙂

  2. Beautiful portrait, was that taken with a digital camera? Most of my photo`s seem to be of animals, if not they seem to get in there somewhere. 😉

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