An urban landscape


An urban landscape

39 thoughts on “An urban landscape

  1. Good photographs, from a helicopter perhaps?
    But…..what an awful, inhuman, characterless, bleak place to live and move and have being. Such horrendous were to vision of the future in the sixties when I was a student of Town Planning. Thank heavens most of the projects were never built and those mimics of Le Corbusier’s Ville Radieus that were build have been torn down long ago.

    • It was shot from the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa – world’s tallest building in Dubai.
      Visitors are not permitted to go to higher floors.
      Dubai is a vast city .It has all the charms and curses of modern living in a cosmopolitan area.

      Thank you.


      • Thanks Uthamz. From there is probably higher than a helicopter can fly…..your comment makes it sound like hell dresses up to kill!
        Good luck to you my friend.

    • It was evening time in Dubai and the light was great.
      The picture was shot from 124 th floor of Burj Khalifa .
      It is a totally different perspective when you see the city from such heights !
      Everything is changed in appearence !

      Thank you.


    • It was a different experience ,Heather.
      Something I have not known so far.
      Visitors reach 124 th floor of Burj Khalifa , in Dubai in less than 1 minute , from the ground.
      And the view from there – just amazing !

      Thank you.


  2. Love this shot. I am fascinated with the Burj Khalifa. I hope someday I can visit it. Thank you for sharing.

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