A liitle green hill


A little green hill

25 thoughts on “A little green hill

  1. Uthamz this is a beautiful image. I can just imagine little fairies flying around between the rolling hills, bushes and flowers. I love the light on the lone tree in the back left of the image. Very striking. Blessings, Robyn

    • It was a strikingly delightful landscape , Robyn.
      The colors were pleasing including the flowers .
      Thank you , Robyn .
      I am glad you liked the image.


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  3. This is so unique. It looks like the trees were just uprooted there from different places. I really like the purple in the foreground and just enough of the sky. Maybe I’m morbid,, but the bushes look like tombstones to me. It gives the whole thing a feeling of a well manicured cemetary. Really cool!

    • 🙂 ! Your imagination is awesome !
      In fact , it is part of an old castle in England
      Really well maintained with proper landscaping .
      Is this a part of cemeary ? I am not sure , though , now , I too feel so !

      Thank you !


  4. beautiful photo…such vibrant green, the way the trees & shrubs have been planted create a wonderful texture… the flowers in the foreground add a wonderful detail to this spot!

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