In Thoughts

36 thoughts on “In Thoughts

    • May be he is living with us in the same home ,
      but he is in a different world , altogether .
      We will never know what goes thru’ his mind . Never.
      That’s life !

      Thank you , Manu .


  1. You discovered a way to fill the screen with love and devotion. Our dog family members give all they have just for the privilege of being near. No living being loves so completely and expects nothing in return.

    • So much of love and devotion – for nothing ! Absolutely nothing !
      That is a rare quality in the world with exception of dogs ! Strange , of course !

      Thank you , Jackie.


  2. As a dog owner myself, I can’t help but appreciate all of the expression in the eyes of a furry friend. While it’s no doubt that dogs get the best in life without the responsibilities, you’ve got to wonder if that’s how they see it. Great photo!

    • Their loyaty without expecting anything in return , is beyond explanations .May be they actually see into our souls .may be…who knows ?

      Thank you , Chinue


    • It is a friend’s pet , George . Well trained one.
      When I saw him ,I thought , he is very photogenic with expressive eyes !
      Yes , eyes were strikingly beautiful. I focussed on them .
      I am glad you liked the image .

      Thank you.


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