45 thoughts on “Grandeur

    • A marble classic , Heather .
      White and gold colors are magical .
      In Abu Dhabi , this is one structure , you should not miss.

      Thank you so much.


    • The design , color combination , the light, – everything is excellent .
      Of course , visitors are too many .
      Othewise a place where peace of mind is sure to be found .

      Thank you , Maralee .


  1. Only in Abu Dhabi, I think! There is just something grand about this building. The white expanse, the pillars, and the water. The angle emphasizes the best features too. πŸ™‚

    • Only in Abu Dhabi , George . It is one of the largest mosques iin the world.
      100 thousand people can pray at the same time !
      All in white marble with gold designs and patterns ! Really amazing structure !

      Thanks again , George !


  2. El Paisaje, La Arquitectura, El Reflejo, La Luz… No Se Lo Que Es, pero cuanto MΓ‘s La Miro MΓ‘s Me Gusta… Muy Buena.

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