divine heights


Divine heights

23 thoughts on “Divine heights

    • Inside St.Peter’s Basilica , John . In Vatican .
      Not natural light .
      Not much post processing too
      except for cropping and some tweaks in contrast and brightness.

      Thank you.


    • Interiors of St . Peter’s Basilica in Vatican.
      Superb architeuctre , of course.
      And they maintain it well .

      Thank you , Praveena .


    • The structure is simply beautiful .
      But hundreds of visitors are there at any given moment .
      That makes getting a good shot difficult . πŸ™‚ !

      Thank you , Joyce .


    • That is some food for thought . Most of the Cathedrals and Basilica in Europe have numerous beautiful sculptures.
      Centuries old temples in India , even small ones , have thousands of beautiful , artful sculptures in them in prefect design and layout..
      Is the ability to sculpt going down ? Or is the change in our attitude to look out for more flashy , more transient things ?

      Thank you , Jackie.


      • I know art is alive and well around the world. My youngest daughter who studied art in Italy is now a professor at a university here in the US.

        The lean toward plainer architecture could be to streamline cost and upkeep expenses.

        Thank you for sharing your work!

    • Please do consider Vatican , Heather.
      History , Religion , architecture – which ever way look at it , it will be worth .

      Thank you.


    • The sculptures and architecture are beautiful , George .
      So are the decor and the lighting !
      They maintain the place well in spite of thousands of visitors every day.

      Thank you.


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