Edinburgh Castle @ the ‘ blue hour ‘

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Edinburgh Castle at the ' blue hour '


62 thoughts on “Edinburgh Castle @ the ‘ blue hour ‘

    1. It was around 10 pm , Sheila , but the night was quite young !
      And the blue color of the sky was great !

      Thank you.


    1. Thank you , Krahn.
      I am delighted to read your kind words.
      I should add that the credit , partly , goes to the 20 mp Canon camera with good low light capacity.


    1. Thank you , Susan . Thank you so much .
      In fact , I liked to see the castle at this time than during the day.
      May be the blue sky made the difference .


    1. 🙂 ! The blue of the sky and the beautiful lighting of the castle were a terrific combination , Allan.

      Thank you.


    1. Thank you , Chinue , for the kind words !

      In this case , I saw the castle during day time ,
      but could get only ordinary pics.
      When I came back in the evening , It wasa stunning spectacle.
      I was just lucky there at that time.

      Thanks again.


    1. I was just lucky to be there at that time, George.
      I had seen the castle during daytime , but all pictures were just ordinary.
      When I came back to see it again by evening , it was an impressive spectacle.

      Thank you.


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