29 thoughts on “Grazing

    • Vast , green fields in Switzerland are certainly special.
      This scene was shot from a moving coach .
      Luckily , the cow was in sharp focus.

      Thank you.


    • I was travelling by a coach .
      This was shot through the glass of the moving coach .
      I used AI Servo focus mode . Luckily , the cow was sharp in the image.

      Thank you . I appreciate your insight !


    • πŸ™‚ ! I am grateful for the kind words , Rexie.
      Your words , in fact , made my day !

      But ,lessons ? 😦 !
      I , myself , am learning from the web and the books.
      And , I know , I have a long way to go.

      Try the various websites and photography blogs !
      And experiment with your camera.
      I am sure , you shoot much better pictures !

      Thanks again !


  1. Wow, I simply love your photos. The colors are so vivid. I have a question : what kind of camera do you use ? I’m starting to study photography, so, I’m very curious about this art. I need to buy a camera next week, but I don’t really know which to buy, I’m thinking about a Nikon, but I don’t know their models … Anyway, good work !!!

    • Thank you , for the appreciation .

      And welcome to the world of photography. I am sure , poets will make excelent photographers .
      – the synergy of visuals and words !

      Nikon is one of the two most poular brands in Cameras. The other is Canon ( I use two Canon cameras – 45OD and 6D )
      But , for beginners like us , there is very little too say one is better than the other.
      After all , the camera is just a tool.

      I would suggest you buy a basic level SLR like Nikon 3100 or 5100 .
      You can use them to get good photographs in almost all the occasions you deal with.
      When you improve your skills , and feel that you need and a more advanced camera , go for higher end models.

      All the best !


    • It was shot from a fast moving coach , through the window glass , George. I used continuous focus mode and tracked the cow in focus. I was lucky that the cow stayed in focus .

      Thank you.


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