Let's go


Let’s go

24 thoughts on “Let’s go

  1. I am drawn to water pictures. But then again, I think most folks are. I love the sliver of neon blue in the oars.

    • Me too , Jackie ! Water and beautiful reflections as well as ripples and waves in it never cease to amaze me .
      The boat , here , was beautifully paainted with eye catching colors.

      Thank you.


    • Thank you so much for the kind words.
      The sea was calm in the early morning and these fishermen with the colorful boat was pleasing to the eyes.

      Thanks again ! 🙂 !


    • This is in Kappad beach , Manu .
      It was here that Vasco de Gama from Portugal landed centuries ago.
      This historically important beach is full of life in early morning – with a calm sea.

      Thank you.


  2. Oh, my, Utham! Such a simple, universal image. Such rich, primary color. Such simplicity. This is your very best image, I think. I love this. I would never tire of this image. Congratulations. Your work came together in this image. 🙂

    • Thank you sooooooooo much for your encouraging comments , George. I put in a lot of efforts in my spare time to improve my pictures.I am glad that you feel improvement in the quality of pictures .

      I liked this shot very much . I am happy that you too liked it . These poor fishermen in India are simple people who live simple life , srtuggling to make the both ends meet . Their colorful boats were attractive.

      Thanks , again , George.
      Please do visit the blog occasionally , when you have some free time. I promise to try to improve the pictures as much as I can.


      • I loved this one because of its universal theme. It is so very well composed, edited, and the colors are simple and rich. It is a classic, Utham. A painting. It sticks in my head. Only really fine art sticks that way, you know. We don’t forget those kinds of images. 🙂

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