Thank you !


The image of the Castle  was the 200th post in this blog. Yet another  milestone .

Today the stats of the blog show –

200 posts –   3068  followers  .  68000 views  .  From 132 countries .  

I know , there are thousands of blogs with much better stats.

I know , the stats are only stats ,  and it is the quality that matters.

Beyond the numbers ,  blogging  has been an immensely satisfying experience for me  – of  interacting with and receiving  comments of criticism and appreciation from YOU – all my friends in the world of blogs .

You have helped me a lot ,  to improve my understanding  of  photography  .

I am grateful .

I assure you that my efforts to learn more of this art will go on .


And  ‘ Nama sthe ‘  ( In Sanskrit – an ancient Indian language – it means  “ I bow before you , in all humility ”  )



59 thoughts on “Thank you !

    • Thank you , Meg , for your kind words.
      In fact , it is the interaction with talented friends like you ,that makes the blogging a rich experience .

      Thanks again !


  1. Thank YOU! I appreciate each and every photograph you share. For a moment, I am in another, much more beautiful world. 🙂

    • Rosy , it is me who should thank you for being kind enough to visit the blog.
      I am really grateful for all the support !

      Thanks again.


  2. Congratulations!
    It takes a grateful heart to appreciate a phase in an uncompleted journey.
    You have done well thus far and you will definitely do better henceforth.
    Thank you for thanking us! 🙂

    • I am just an beginner in photography who started the hobby some 4 years back.
      I am learning the stuff from friends , books and web.
      Without the support and encouragement from friends in the blogging world ,
      I would not have done much progress. I am really grateful for your support.


  3. Congratulations on your 200th post. Being only at 20, I can appreciate what dedication that requires. You said you wanted comments? The rose looks a little sad; a little dark perhaps? Namaste.

  4. Gorgeous rose.

    Your stats are excellent and well deserved. With the way you shoot and present, I’m not surprised. One question; how do you keep up with the responses to your work?

    • Allan , Let me just express my gratitude to you , first . Your support and interaction has always been delightful.

      Of course , work is tough . And , a lot of stress as well.
      But it involves human sufferings . Something which I can not ignore . It is an entirely different world.

      Hence this photography acts as a ‘safety valve ‘.
      It brings me back to the amazing beauty around us. It takes care of much of the stress. It refreshes me.

      I can do photography only at intervals . When I take a few days off and travel.

      Thanks again , Allan !


  5. Thank YOU chetta for the marvelous pictures that helps us in ways that are difficult to explain. We all love coming here and Congrats for the amazing space you have here. Great job. 🙂

    • Manu , Without this blog and support from friends like you , I would have either never made any progress from the early stages or lost all interest in photography . If I have made any progress , it is because of this blog and encouragement from friends like you.
      Thank you very much !
      Thanks a lot !


  6. Ah, Utham, your photography is superb. And so is the editing, you know. This rose is a beautiful example. People follow you because your work is so very good. And interesting. And you are so very gracious. A gentle man with a gentle soul. Somehow, you’ve maintained that gentleness even in the face of all of the misery you have seen. Your touch heals. I sense that it does. Your images soothe the spirit too.

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  9. Congratulations on the growth of your blog. You can take much satisfaction simply because it is a reflection of the excellence of your art as a photographer and your philosophy of life.

    • Thank you , so much , Tom, for the kind words.
      The most satisfying aspect of blogging is the interaction with many many talented bloggers almost everyday. It improves knowledge of photography . And , more important , it enriches life !

      Thanks again !


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