29 thoughts on “Alone

  1. I always wondered how birds can fly so far without rest. From what I learned is that they can go for great distances and I think they stop at posts or any other thing that may provide food. Once landed, a bird might well think ‘no food but what a nice place to rest.’

    • Wonders of nature never caese to amaze me , Jackie .
      – From little things like the building of nests by birds to grand stuff like their migration !
      Life and nature are nothing less than miracles.

      Thank you.


    • Thank you , Janet , for the kind words.
      Thanks a lot for youe blessings.

      My humble wishes for a wonderful 2014 for you and your family !


  2. Hello, Utham! It’s been awhile, but I don’t forget. What a quiet, nice image.
    It is the end of the calendar year. We start over. I hope your 2014 is good, Utham. This has been a happy year for me, and I am looking forward to one more! πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚ ! Thank you so much , George ! I am delighted !

      Nice to know that 2013 was good for you. I am sure 2014 will be better .

      Your knowledge , vision and kindness has helped me a lot to improve in photography this year.
      For the first time , I realised the importance of post processing. And I did learn a few tricks of editing.
      I am grateful .
      Please do guide me in the coming year as well.

      Wishing you New Year filled with happiness and joy !


  3. Just gorgeous… calm, still, quiet, serene, peaceful are other words that come to mind. I am glad the bird stayed still for you to get this super shot. Was it a case of ‘The early bird catches the worm?’ – both you and the bird? A joy to see. Thanks.

    • πŸ™‚ ! Yes , You said it , Coral !
      it was a case ‘ early bird ‘ for me and the bird !
      Poor thing must have been starving for food , for some time.
      Me , too , for a good snap. πŸ™‚ !

      Thank you.


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