Drama in the sky

46 thoughts on “Drama in the sky

  1. My grandmother used to say about storms, “If you can find enough blue sky to make a man’s shirt tail, the storm will be over.” Funny the things our elders used to say. I can hear her voice right now looking at this beautiful picture! Thank you for this.

    • πŸ™‚ ! That was an interesting quote !
      This one was shot in Scotland , around ,- can you believe it , – may be 8 pm. !
      The cloudscapes were awesome ! The color of the sky incredible !

      Thank you , Jackie.
      Glad you liked the image .


    • The colors and the patterns of the cky and clouds were incredibly beautiful to see.
      In a way , as you said , surreal !

      Thank you.


  2. Any PhotoShop there, Utham? Isn’t Scotland AWESOME? It’s one of the places Chic and I regretted never having travelled to, on account of its stunning scenery, all those people speaking in Scots accents (LOVE it!) and its tradition. Now it’s too late; so I must enjoy imagery such as this. Thanks heaps!

    • This is one one picture for which I did minimum editing.
      Just cropped and tweaked the contrast a bit.
      I was planning to brighten the hills and the lake in Photoshop , but then ,
      I thought , it will reduce the beauty of the drama in the sky.

      Scotland is incredibly beautiful , M R.
      I would suggest you to make a trip .
      I am sure you will be delighted !


    • Me too , Sid !
      I don’t remember seeing such imposing and dramatic sky before .Nature is simply awesome !

      Thank you.
      Have a nice weekend !


  3. Wow! And drama, it is, Utham! Beautiful scene altogether, especially with that sky! I hope all is well with you and your family. I haven’t seen you around so I came to discover where you went after the holidays! πŸ™‚

    • I am really touched by your concern , George !

      Thank you ! Thank you soooooooo much, George , for the visit and kind words !

      I am on a holiday trip now – into a short safari trip in India – just to get a taste of wild life photography ,something I do not have any exposure . Internet access is rare here and the schedule is a bit busy. Will be back to regular blogging from 26th this month !

      Thanks again , George ! God bless !


    • No , Allan .It was evening – arouund 8 pm in Scotland.
      Light was low , except for the sky . I boosted up the ISO.
      I was not satisfied with the exposure , especially for the hills.
      I thought of brightening up in editing software .
      But then , it may reduce the impact of the ‘ drama in the sky ‘ .
      So did not proceed.

      Sorry for the delay in response.
      I was away on a holiday trip.


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