Mom , what are they upto ?


Mom , what are they upto ?

16 thoughts on “Mom , what are they upto ?

    • 🙂 ! Exactly ! Curiosity is always mutual !

      This , to be frank , is not a zoo – shot.
      I have been on a safari trip in a wild life sanctury in India , last week.
      This is from the forest , their real ‘ home ‘ ! 🙂 ! The small one was enjoying its new sights !
      It was a great experience !

      Thank you.


      • That is wonderful, Utham! Animals do best in their own natural environment unless they need to be protected. Enjoy the rest of your trip and keep those awesome photos coming. 😉

    • 🙂 ! 🙂 ! 🙂 !
      Ohhh , it must have been more accurate !
      Why didn’t I think of it ?

      I should have kept your idea as the title !!!

      Thank you , Jussara !
      Have a great sunday !


    • I have been on a short holiday , MR. Thank you for the kind words. I went on a safari trip to a wild life sanctury in India. Just to try wild life photography a bit. It was a refreshing experience. I will be regular now.Shall share the pictures.

      Thanks again , MR !


      • A great relief to know. Did you tell us? You probably did, and I missed it. I’m like that.
        Welcome back! 😀

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