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25 thoughts on “Focus

  1. That is a regal hawk! I’m not sure what kind of hawk, though. Very handsome bird. 🙂

    1. Me too , Jackie . Not sure of what kind of bird it is. 🙂 !
      All that I know is it has a majestic look.
      Glad you liked it .


  2. I particularly love and admire the raptors … I don’t recognise this closeup, for I haven’t seen one with a black head. I can only imagine it to be some kind of falcon, but … Do you know, Utham?

    1. No idea , M.R. I have very little knowledge on birds.
      It was seen in southern part of India. May be some sub species of Falcon.
      I saw another similar bird on the same day in near by place .

      Thank you, M.R .


    1. May be. 🙂 ! I do not have any clue , to be frank , except it was seen in south India.
      I liked its looks . And it was , unlike small birds , stayed without movements for some time ! 🙂 !

      Thank you.


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