41 thoughts on “Serene

    • It is Scotland , MR. In the region , they call Scottish Highlands !
      Calm , quiet and beautiful areas . And equally beautiful cloudscapes !
      I am not sure whether the image could show the beauty of the landscape in its entirety .

      Thank you , MR .


      • I have already post a few in this blog , MR – like pics of a castle, some other landscapes of Scotland .
        It is a beautiful country – great landscapes , nice people , unpredictable but enjoyable climate !


    • Paece of mind guarateed ! It is quiet and calm . And cool as well .
      Excellent place for creative people like poets !e

      Thank you , Mitchell ! πŸ™‚ !


  1. Uthamz, you picked the perfect mirror image! When I was a small child I often wondered if God used lakes to see his image. I was such a silly kid – of course He did!

    • Silly ?!
      Wow ! Wonderful imagination , Jackie ! Remarkable , at that young age !

      Nature is incredibly lavish in showering beauty in some places .
      – With all its elements – lakes , hills , clouds , all – in perfect harmony and awesome beauty !
      All that I do is just wonder ! And be thankful !

      Thank you , Jackie , for ideas !


  2. Heavenly! You have beautifully captured the tranquility and scenic beauty of that lovely place. Yet another great shot, Utham!!


  3.  I think title should be “”Approaching storm””  The darkness of the clouds is making the water too, dull and gloomy. The atmosphere is more of an impending dark event than serenity


    This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.


    • Kavitha ,

      Thanks a lot !
      It was a day in the last weeks of winter .
      As you know , the climate there in Scotland, is very much unpredictable but certainly enjoyable. Drizzles happen all of a sudden but then, within minutes the sky clears up . There was no storm on the day . In fact , half an hour before the shot , it was raining !

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