Sunday morning


Sunday morning

42 thoughts on “Sunday morning

    • 🙂 ! It is a zoo-shot ! Shot on a Sunday morning !
      Visitors were already trickling in.
      I liked its body language and expression.

      Thank you.


    • 🙂 ! This is a zoo-shot Al B.
      Shot on a REAL Sunday morning
      In Kerala , a state in southern of part of I ndia.

      Glad you liked the image.


  1. I declare, Utham – I look forward so much to your posts, and I always get a thrill to see advice of one in my Inbox. 🙂
    You never let me down ! – every image a treasure …

  2. This is positively stunning! How peaceful and serene is this! Oh if only this creature could teach humans to be more like this. 🙂 ❤

    • When ever possible, I prefer this attitude on Sundays.
      But , problem is not possible on all Sundays. 😦 !

      Happy that you liked the picture.
      Thank you , Lesley


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