Closed !


Closed !

17 thoughts on “Closed !

    • I thought , I will try , what they call editorial pictures .
      Something simple .
      Use as a book jacket is an excellent idea.

      Thank you , Joanne ! 🙂 !


    • Posh ? Ooohh , no ! 🙂 !
      It is the new not – so – costly door lock in my flat , M.R.
      The old one stopped working. 😦 !
      It looks so because it is new and of course , the light was good .

      Thank you so much !


      • You are lucky , M.R.
        Unless our doors have strong locks , we are doomed !
        I had to changed the old lock , when it just refused to work , one fine morning.
        When the new one was installed , the light was good.
        I tried this simple shot.

        Thank you.


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