Another dawn


Another dawn

31 thoughts on “Another dawn

    • Thank you , Cynthia.
      Glad that you have been to Kerala and have enjoyed its beauty.
      I like the serenity that prevails during the early morning time near these backwaters.
      The feeling is beyond words.

      Thanks again.


    • I , too , was wondering how many shades can the color blue have ?
      I fear the camera failed to bring out all the variations of shades the eye could see.

      Thank you , Jackie .


  1. Dawn looks awesome when all that is in view is the beautiful sky and the sea to reflect it’s beauty.
    The canoes and logs add to the natural feel.
    Just calmly saying; “it’s another day, life goes on”.
    Lovely shot!

    • This place is at just ” walk- able ” distance from my place , MR.

      A walk along the shore at dawn is a great refreshing experience.
      The nature is amazingly beautiful . The silence – priceless.
      At times I take my camera with me.

      Thank you so much .


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