Next meal ?


Next meal ?

19 thoughts on “Next meal ?

  1. He is so beautiful. And yet he looks a bit … wistful ? I like to imagine that he had a row with his wives, and is now anxious about whether or not they’re going to find his lunch. [grin]
    I LOVE the big cats. Small one,s too. Thanks, Utham !

    • This was shot ina zoo , M.R. , where two lions are set free in a vast area .( NO wives ! 🙂 ! ) . When I visited him last time , few months ago , he had a thick mane .But I failed to get even one good shot . This time , I could get a shot , but his mane is gone ! 😦 ! Hard luck ! Shall try again another time !

      Thank you , M.R


      • Alas, poor wifeless creature ! 😉 Then it seems that the wistfulness is due to thinking “What the devil is going on with my MANE ?!” … [grin]

  2. Next meal?
    I love the caption!
    The predator is obviously looking around for something with which it’s hunger can be quenched.
    What a fierce beauty!
    Lovely shot as always, Utham.

    • It is a zoo shot , TeeCee. That is why it seems lost of its original power.
      They become less aggressive in captivity.
      It must be hungry . As you said , the eyes tell it all.

      Thank you so much !


  3. Next Meal? He is thinking I have not had a photographer for a good while! I can get take out with that order also! LOL
    Very beautiful as all of your pictures always are!

    • 🙂 ! I was far far away ,Mitchell ! LOL ! I am really afraid of these animals !
      Zoom lenses are God -sent ! 🙂 !

      Thank you so much , for the kind words.


  4. He is truly the king of beasts but I think this one has a full tummy! He looks rested and at peace in this pose… for the moment! 😉

    • 🙂 ! It is a zoo-shot , Jackie .
      It is unlikely that they feed these animals to full tummy ! 🙂 !

      Once they are captivity , I fear , these animals lose their aggressive nature to a great extent.
      Poor creatures !
      Still , a lion is a lion. Always , the looks are regal !

      Thank you.


    • It is the second time , I am trying to get a good shot of him.
      First time I failed miserably.
      The light was nice this time.
      Luckily , he too was in a good mood ! 🙂 !

      Thank you.


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