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  1. Good GRIEF,Utham ! – a bloody Indian Mynah ! LOL !!! They drive us MAD in Oz, and they chase away all our native birds. I never thought I’s waste even a second looking at a photo of an Indian Mynah. But I do, because you took it. πŸ™‚

    • Ohhhh , Really ? I never knew they have a villain -like image !
      I am sorry , if I upset you, M.R.
      In fact , in India, where they are quite common, the same bird is often associated with more noble stuff.
      They are shown in movies to represent lovers.
      Their tweet , assumed to be nostalgic , especially in romantic circumstances. LOL !!
      Poets write about their songs , tweets ….

      I was interested because of the striking nature of the colors.
      To be frank , I know very little about their nature , habits or aggression !

      Thank you , M.R.


      • Of course, the problem here is simply that (1) they are not native birds, (2) they are now in HUGE number, and (3) they do, as I said, drive out our own birds. Always the way with ‘intruders’.

  2. This feathered friend is posing! Honestly, Uthamz, he is full of himself! I know people like this wickedly beautiful bird! πŸ™‚ That is what it takes to get through life, if you are a bird. πŸ™‚ In my e-mail I see “Light Touch” and immediately feel good. Thank you for that!

  3. In India , these birds are common , Jackie !
    Here, they are supposed have some good image of love , nostalgia etc. πŸ™‚ !
    I did not know that this bird has a negative image as well.

    My knowledge of birds , their habits, habitats and nature , is pathetic , I should admit. 😦 !
    One friend was suggesting that I should learn more about nature so that the pictures will have more ‘ life ‘ in them.

    I was interested only in its colors and their beauty – brownish black , white and golden yellow made a good combo.
    And I could , luckily , get him in sharp focus against a blurred background .

    Thank you , for the kind words, Jackie.
    When the pictures bring in some sunshine to your day ,
    the photography becomes a joyful and satisfying activity !

    Thanks again !


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