Street rt. 11 a.m. Paris


Street Art. 11 a.m. Paris

16 thoughts on “Street Art. 11 a.m. Paris

    • πŸ™‚ ! I spent just only two days there.
      But Paris , I felt , is a really impressive city full of ‘ life ‘.

      Thanks a lot , Milton !


  1. What do you think all those padlocks are, Utham ? We never saw them on any of the occasions we were in Paris … You have to wonder what the painter is using for his model, don’t you ?! Such a lovely photo: brings back to many wonderful memories …

    • These padlocks have a story , M.R. Story of Love and Loss !
      In fact I did not know why they are there. Our French speaking guide did not mention it either.
      I shot the scene because I thought it was something special – would make a good frame.

      Then today , another friend of mine , pointed out the article published in National Geographic this month . Read it on the link –

      Thank you , M.R.


      • Gosh ! – and to think we never saw that … we must never have been on that particular bridge – or else we were heads in the clouds. Thanks very much for that informative link, Utham !:-)

  2. That was the Seine! I read an article about this place in the National Geographic magazine today! Those locks are left there by lovers in hopes of ‘forever.’ This is the first time I’ve seen people in your photographs. πŸ™‚ Wonderful, simply wonderful! If you are near a magazine shop take a peek at the article. There was a map of the Seine and the attractions around it.

    • It must be one of the great surprising coincidences I have come across in recent times , Jackie.

      We visited Paris nearly a year ago. But I have a number of pictures which I have had a second look so far , after the trip.
      This was one of them .
      I remember shooting this picture just because I saw a lot of padlocks and an artist doing painting.
      I thought it would make a good frame. Just from a photographer’s point of view.
      I did not know why these padlocks are there.
      I forgot about them and the picture later.

      Last weekend I discovered the picture. Still did not search to know why the padlocks are there.

      And , when you pointed out the article , which is published in the latest issue of National Geographic , the coincidence was amazing !

      I read the article – an informative one.

      Thank you , Jackie , for the article . Thanks a lot !
      I am happy that you liked the picture.


      • Yes, that’s the article! It was a lovely piece and I hope others will read it. ❀

    • πŸ™‚ ! Paris , for sure , is a ‘ happening ‘ city , Sheila , – full of ‘ life ‘ .
      You can be proud of your city !

      Thank you.


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