A step into eternity


A step into eternity ( re-posted )

20 thoughts on “A step into eternity ( re-posted )

  1. Superb shot!

    Seems to be the Chennakeshava temple in Belur, Karnataka, India. Or is it the Halebeedu Temple ? These temple carvings are just stunning; sheer poetry in stone.

    • It is Vidhya Sanker Temple in Shringeri , Ranjit . True , The carvings are ,as you said , sheer poetry in stone .
      I still remember the peace of mind , I enjoyed there in Shringeri. An unforgettable experience.

      In my assessment , this is one of the best pictures I have shot , ever, Ranjit . And it was shot with my first digital camera – 3.5 Megapixel point and shoot Olympus camera. It just reminds me, again and again , that it is not the camera that is important !

      Thank you , Ranjit !


  2. Oh please do repost things, Utham ! – I know how busy you are; and I also know I haven’t managed to look back through ALL your work … so for you to re-post any of it is simply wonderful !

    • Yes, M.R . It is a really busy week . I did not get time to choose a new picture.
      I did not want to leave a long gap between posts.

      This was posted in the initial stages of the blog when the blog had hardly any visitors.
      Very few have seen it.

      I think , this one is one of the best shots , I have got , so far. It was shot in 2006 ,
      with my first digital camera – a 3.5 megapixel , point and shoot Olympus camera .
      Today I use 20 megapixel one.
      But , no shot has surpassed this one , in overall quality.

      When I have that urge of buying new ,expensive gear , I look at this picture ,
      which reminds me that it is NOT the camera that matters ! 🙂 !

      Thank you , M.R .


    • It is the picture of a Hindu Temple in a place called , Shringeri , in southern part of India, Jackie.
      Built in hard rock . Beautifully.
      It is at least 4 centuries old , if not more.
      India has thousands of such temples, rich in sculptures and carvings in rock and beautiful architecture .
      The advances in art forms show the level of culture in those days.

      Thank you , Jackie.


  3. I wish Indians maintained relics and antique places as seriously as they fight over someone insulting their antique religion. This is black-white on purpose?

    • Sad part , as you may know , Sweety , is the attitude of most of the people towards the richness of the culture and heritage .
      No planned efforts to preserve and improve , what we have been handed over by the previous generations.

      It was a color picture. I thought B & W will have more impact.

      Thank you


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