7 thoughts on “Cloudscapes

  1. My husband loved to take pictures of the skies – especially when we were in Europe, where the skies are entirely different from ours ! 🙂

    • I have found the skies , in Europe , to be in a class of their own .
      Especially in England and Switzerland – Beautifully different from those in other places .
      The blues are always soothing , the clouds extremely ‘ photogenic ‘ !
      Happy that I am not alone in this perception ! 🙂 !

      Thank you, M.R.


  2. I want to live there! That is just beautiful and exudes peace and quiet. The clouds and blue sky add to the picturesque scene. 😉 Very nice. Uthamz

    • Part of England , Jackie.
      Serene landscapes. And vast areas at a stretch – with out any distubing ‘ concrete jungles ‘ .
      May be due to the climate , the greens are always beautifully greener and the blues , soothingly ‘ bluer ‘ !

      I too , liked those places , very much.

      Thank you.


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