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15 thoughts on “Follow me

    • 🙂 ! This one was quite brave , M.R. It stayed close .
      And the great evening light helped to enhance its colors.

      Thank you so much .


  1. This duck is beautiful! I love the blue and green on its head; it almost looks metallic. 🙂

    • ‘ Golden hour ‘ light in the evening , made all the difference , Jackie.
      It enhanced the colors.
      I am glad you liked the image.

      Thank you.


  2. Another lovely shot!
    Who wouldn’t want to follow such a beauty?
    I am admiring the confidence and poise with which this bird is taking it’s swim. It’s really looking like a leader. Smiles!
    Nice as always!

    • Thank you , Sid !
      It feels great to see your ‘ Gravatar ‘ and read your words. Hope you are fine.
      I met this mallard in England , Very confident bird !
      Glad you liked the image !

      Warm regards,


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