In the lap of nature

13 thoughts on “In the lap of nature

    • It is in city of Luzerne , in Switzerland.
      One of the most beautiful lakes I have seen !
      The richness and serenity of nature , there – awesome !

      Thank you , Barbara.


    • In Switzerland , M.R. In city of Luzerne.

      A quiet city . serene nature . Calm lake . Clean surroundings.
      In cool early summer , it was an unforgettable day !

      Thank you so much !


  1. It’s truly magnificent how mountains reach upward and into the clouds. The ferry must be moving people about in Switzerland, maybe to visit family or take tourists or perhaps it’s a commuter ferry carrying people to work. I wonder about other places I’ll never see and thank you, Uthamz, – and other gifted photographers – for a glimpse into other worlds.

    • True , the beautiful scene was an awesome experience , Jackie.

      I was thinking for a while about myself in relation to those big beautiful mountains rising above the clouds ,
      the large but calm lake and the slowly moving white clouds !
      I was wondering how negligible I am , when compared to all those elements of nature !
      A few really humbling moments !
      I was thankful to be able to be there and to enjoy the serene beauty !

      Thank you , Jackie , for your kind words.


  2. so imponent, look like timeless, beautiful shot composition layout. thank abut you comment in Sacred mother light. are you living there?…so relaxing, my regard from Colombia. have a great day Uthamz

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