Exploring a soft and sweet world


Exploring a soft and sweet world

27 thoughts on “Exploring a soft and sweet world

    • In fact , I was trying to get a shot with the bee approaching / being very close to the flower, M.R !
      I waited for quite some time.
      But it was flying so fast that I could not get a good shot . 😦 !
      Then , suddenly it started walking on the petals and exploring the flower.
      I thought , that made a good picture. 🙂 !

      Thank you , M.R, for your kind words .


    • I too like the contrast of colorful flowers with bugs , Joanne !
      I wish I had a macro lens .
      That would have made a more engaging picture , I think .

      Thank you.


    • I used 100-400 lens , George .
      With the tele end the background was well blurred – much more than I expected !
      And the light certainly helped to a great extent .

      Thank you , George .
      Thanks a lot !


  1. What a warm little bee! And you are right, it is a sweet bee. It looks like what we in the south called the ‘sweat bee’ but I can’t be sure of that. I wonder how long it took you to get this image of the bee? Certainly, you must have the patience of a saint to wait for the perfect little bee. 😉

    • May be a “Sweet – bee “, Jackie . I too , am not sure.

      I waited for quite some time and clicked a few times , to get a good shot , as it was flying in circles around the flower.
      I thought I will get a nice shot when it is flying close to the flower.
      None of the shots were good , sadly. 😦 !

      Then to my surprise , suddenly it started walking on the petals.
      I clicked again , and I thought , it made a good picture .

      Thank you , Jackie .


    • 🙂 ! Thank you so much for the kind words !
      But it is me who admire you and your variety of talents ( of course ,with a tinge of envy ,) Miller .Singing , writing songs , painting , playing golf , all in addition to photography – Something , I can’t even dream of .

      Keep going , Miller .
      You are already far ahead ! 🙂 !


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