One place , Several worlds.


One place , Several worlds

20 thoughts on “One place , Several worlds

    • May be to different places , in different directions , Al B .
      Can’t say.
      It is , anyway , a pause or a temporary halt in their day’s journey.

      Thank you for stopping by .


    • A short , temporary halt in their day’s journey , Allan .
      Most of them look exhausted , as you said.
      It is a bus stop in Paris.
      Their different nature , expressions and body language were interesting.

      Glad you liked the image.


  1. Magnificent study, Uttam ! – talk about a split-second story … (which is the subject of one of the Daily Prompt’s challenges)
    Four completely different ethnic backgrounds. How fascinating to think of the four environments to which they’re heading ! You can do no wrong with those cameras of yours, my dear ! 🙂

    • I was in our parked tour bus , M.R.
      Then , I noticed these ladies waiting for the bus . The scene looked interesting .
      I thought it could tell a story.

      They differed in their nature , attire , expressions as well as body language.
      They may be in the same place at that moment , but will be going to different places , in different directions.
      They may be waiting in the same station , but their thoughts will be in different levels and in different worlds.

      Thank you M.R , for the kind words.
      Thanks a lot for your appreciation and encouragement .


  2. It looks like these women are waiting for the subway in New York! 🙂 The blues highlight the moods; the women seem anxious as they wait. Very nice, Uthamz!

    • It was a bus station in Paris , Jackie.
      I shot it when our bus was parked during the city tour. Of course, a candid shot.

      The scene seemed to be interesting – for , perhaps, the differences were quite obvious.
      It looked like the beginning of a new story.
      It seemed to resemble , in a way , a miniature of the entire universe – a small meeting place before our next journey
      The background color of blue certainly enhanced the effect.

      Thank you , Jackie . Thank you soooooooo much !


  3. I’m fascinated how you captured this present moment … and wonder how many of these people were aware of the moment themselves … We will never know. But I love this reminder of the moment and different persepctives.

    • Thank you , Val , for the kind words .
      It was a candid shot . I loved their expressions and attitude at that moment. They may not remember the moment at all.
      People who live in the same house , may be living in different worlds . That is the truth. For the tastes , expeiences ,wishes all differ , don’t they ?

      Thanks again .


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