The web and the webmaster


The web and the webmaster

36 thoughts on “The web and the webmaster

    • I , too , certainly do not like spiders .
      But , with morning light enhancing its patterns , I liked to photograph it.

      Thanks a lot , Suze !
      Glad you liked the picture.


  1. That is SOME web ! – and what a clever webmaster ! In addition, we have a very clever photog., Utham – but we’ve all known that for a long time. 🙂
    I’ve never seen so beautiful and NEAT a spiderweb: I love its grouping of a few rows and then a space. Definitely hoping a photog. would come along – and you did. GOOD ON YOU !

    • Sometimes , M.R , several factors come together to help you in some situations .
      This shot was one such moment.

      The light was good. The spider was quiet. The web was simply incredible .
      The light enhanced the pattern superbly.
      I was lucky to be there at that moment !

      Thank you so much , M.R


    • 🙂 ! One of the natures wonders !
      The pattern was incredibly woven – as if by using some digital design methods !
      All that I had to do was to get a good angle to highlight the patterns .

      Thank you .


    • 🙂 ! Frankly , I do not like spiders , especially the poisonous ones .
      In this case , our meeting was quite accidental .

      Thank you , Bekah !


  2. This image is lovely! I am one of very few who like spiders. Like bats, spiders eat tons of bugs and are an important part of our world. In my house spiders are made welcome unless they are poisonous. I believe people need spiders in their homes to create harmony. Uthamz, you have outdone yourself.

    • To be frank with you , I do not like spiders – though there is nothing specific not to like them. 🙂 !
      But I did not know they have an important role in our lives till I read your comment .

      The early morning light beautifully highlighted the amazing patterns of the web.
      That aspect helped a lot !

      Thank you , Jackie !
      Thank you so much !


    • Thank you , JuRo . 🙂 !
      I never thought getting a decent picture of the web will be so much difficult , until I tried one. The AF point kept moving to the prominent objects near by , the web was out of focus. . After several attempts , I could get a sharp shot .


      • I once tried taking a photo of a spider and its web too. My LX5, with its contrast detect AF, had trouble locking focus. I remember the blowing wind that complicated things even more.

        Congratulations on nailing this one!

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