21 thoughts on “Alone

  1. It looks as if a storm is brewing. How does it go: “Red sails at morning, sailors take warning. Red sails at night, sailors delight.” They are ready for bad weather, Uthamz. 🙂

    • 🙂 ! That goes well , Jackie !

      I was wondering what those sailors in the boat – the lone one in that vast area – were doing .
      In case of any untoward incident , they will be in trouble.
      May be they have some form of communication facility .But still…

      Thank you .


    • Lucky ?! Of course , the nature is beautiful around them .
      But , Cindy , there was no trace of someone who can help them in case of some trouble.

      Thank you .


    • Thank you , John !
      Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement .Shall try my best , not to disappoint you .

      Warm regards,


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