Looking back


Looking back !

16 thoughts on “Looking back !

  1. This is one beautiful woodpecker! The fellow looks to have been caught in the middle a crime! 🙂 “Who, me?” 😮 “Yes, you!” Uthamz, I love your thought provoking nature images. Enjoy your weekend.

    • You guessed it right , Jackie ! 🙂 !
      How could you do that ?

      It was pecking the wood in the usual way.
      I took a couple of pictures.
      Suddenly , then , he turned back .
      As if he was doing some mischief so far.
      As if someone found out his mischief !
      I liked it , more than the usual wood pecking posture.

      Thank you so much for your support.
      Have a great weekend ! 🙂 !


  2. Hello again Utham ! – did you miss me over the last two weeks ? I certainly missed your brilliant work, even though I had no idea if you’d posted anything or not. 🙂 What is this glorious little bird ? – some kind of woodpecker ?
    Terrific new gravatar, btw …

    • Wow ! 🙂 ! Welcome , M.R ! Nice to see you back ! 🙂 !
      When I did not see your gravitar and comment on the last post , even after a day , I was curious .
      I logged on to your blog . I was relieved to see your note . Hope you had a great time .

      This one is a little woodpecker , doing what it usually does the best , in an early morning .

      Thank you for the kind words. 🙂 !


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