Drizzle @ Paris


Drizzle @ Paris

25 thoughts on “Drizzle @ Paris

  1. I never saw the Eiffel Tower in mist like this; this is a new on on me. The perspective is amazing peering upward… reaching. Very nice, Uthamz! Beautiful!

    • Thank you , Jackie , for the kind words.

      When we visited the place , it was drizzling frequently.
      I was sad for the cloudy day with uninspiring light .
      But , it seemed to be alright when I converted it to B&W .
      I felt it conveyed the mood of the day .

      Thanks again !


    • Sometimes , I feel , B&W is much more powerful than color.
      This picture had dramatic improvement , when the color was taken out.

      Thank you , Mahesh .


    • 🙂 ! When we were there , it was all dull and cloudy , with drizzles in between.
      But still , it was comfortable .

      Enjoy , Janet ! 🙂 ! Even the rain has its own charm !
      Have a great day !


    • Thank you , Gopal .

      This picture was shot in color as usual , but I felt it to be dull as the light was not good.
      But , when I converted it to B&W ,it improved much.
      I recovered the striking color of the red outfit , in Photoshop.
      Glad you liked it .


  2. Anotjer pristine shot, Uthamz!

    My wife has to see this. She’s obsessed with the Eiffel Tower, and this is a glamourous A-typical shot of it that she’s going to love.

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