Carnival mask @ Venice

Carnival mask @ Venice

Carnival mask @ Venice


16 thoughts on “Carnival mask @ Venice

    • I saw many masks there – all with brilliant colors and designs !
      Immensely talented artists !

      Thank you , Lilmisspoutine ! 🙂 !


  1. What a beautifully vibrant photograph! Carnivals are such fun and Venice…. what a great setting! Again you find the most pleasing and surprising images, Uthamz. Beautiful job. 🙂

    • The designs and colors of these carnival masks are amazing , Jackie !
      I really appreciated the efforts of unknown artists who created them .

      And this performer was in good contrast against the Venetian background .

      Thank you for the kind words .


  2. Such incredibly rich texture, pattern and colors. A stunning photo. I like that the eyes behind the mask add such mystery and draw me in. Thanks for all your likes on my blog, too. Best, Ruth in Pittsburgh.

    • Thank you , Ruth ! Thank you so much .

      These masks add to the charm of Venice immensely !
      One of their popular attractions ! 🙂 !


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