A cloudy evening

37 thoughts on “A cloudy evening

  1. The distant mountains covered in haze are truly beautiful; it’s as if the night brings the dampness to nurture and refresh this lovely woodland. The clouds are exquisitely hovering and perhaps guiding the nightfall. Thank you, Uthamz, this was uplifting! ❤

    • This place is some 50 miles from my home , Jackie .
      And , believe it or not , I was visiting it for the first time ! 🙂 !
      I was awestruck by its beauty .
      Wonder why I missed it for so many years.

      Thank you , Jackie !
      It was certainly a nice evening for me too .


  2. What a stunning and dramatic photograph you made Utham. The warm sky colors, beautifully curved landscape and illumination in the water all work perfectly together. Well done. ~Rick

    • Thank you , Rick !
      I always admired the nature for the unlimited beauty it has in some regions.
      And this evening was something special !
      The light of ‘ golden hour ‘ helped a lot !

      Thanks , again !


    • I was awestruck by its beauty , Freddy !
      And , then the light of the ‘ golden hour ‘ appeared .
      All that I had to do was to click the button !

      I would say , I was lucky to be there , at that time.

      Thank you , Freddy .


  3. There really isn’t much to say about this, Utham: it’s simply breathtaking.
    What on earth did you do with your life before you discovered photography ??? – no, don’t answer that: it’s the part of your life that doesn’t matter to me ! [grin]

    • Will you believe , M R , that I missed this place , just 50 miles away from home , for nearly two decades ?
      I have heard about it for long , but never visited it , till now.
      I have been to exotic places in other countries , but missed this place , so close by.

      And when I saw the scene , I was speechless.
      Then the ‘ golden ‘ light of sunset happened.
      I just clicked the button !

      Thank you , M R , for your kind words.
      I am really grateful !


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