Bliss ! – reblogged

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Bliss ! - reblogged


27 thoughts on “Bliss ! – reblogged

  1. Parrots are such pretty, loving birds and these are so lovely. This almost looks like a parent and child; it’s sweet how birds feed each other. Very nice, Uthamz. 😉

    1. This was shot in Jurong bird park in Singapore ,Jackie.
      – an endless park with huge variety of birds !
      These seem to be quite familiar with tourists – they just ignore the visitors !

      Thanks , a lot !


    1. Thank you , Colline !
      Luckily , they stayed without much movement ,
      for sometime so that I could get a good shot !


  2. As I have never been able to find the time to view all your marvellous photos, Utham, re-blogs are VERY WELCOME !!!
    Especially of birds. 🙂

    1. 🙂 ! Certainly , shall reblog some of the good pictures .

      Some relatively busy days at workplace , M.R
      Could not prepare the picture for the blog .

      Thank you very much !


      1. 🙂 ! I am a doctor, M.R. To be more specific , I am a neurosurgeon .
        – treating various problems of the brain and the spinal cord- doing operations as well.
        Sometimes , I have to spend more time at workplace.These days are a bit busy .


      2. A neurosurgeon.
        Give me strength …
        No wonder you have such empathy with living, beautiful things … They must keep you attached to that part of the world, and be something of an escape from the undeniably marvellous work you do with suffering people.

      3. 🙂 ! You said it , M.R ! Photography is an escape – for me.
        (I can not explain it with a better word .)

        My workplace is entirely different from the photographs you see here.
        Sufferings and pain dominate there.
        Still, it has its own share of joy ,hope and rarely , even miracles.

        Photography is a safety valve .Or , better , an escape.
        Once in 3 or 4 months I take a short break and spend a week shooting pictures .
        Sharing these pictures and interacting with friends , like you , help immensely .

        I am grateful for all the kind words , M.R.
        God bless !


      4. I think people like you MUST take that break: it’s not possible to immerse yourself completely in that kind of work. How absolutely wonderful that you are so good at photography: I can only imagine that it’s about the best change of scene you could find.
        And I can only say how marvellous your work is, Utham; where the world would be without the skills of the neurosurgeon is … unthinkable !

      5. An occasional break refreshes , M.R .I can feel it. It improves my work .
        Then , sharing pictures and interaction with friends on the blogs is equally helpful.
        Kind words , new ideas , encouragement , opinions , criticism , discussion – all help to keep going !

        I am thankful !


      1. After a long period I just visit your blog and certainly I have discovered a lovely picture. In my childhood a little sweet parrot was a favorite family member in our home and that parrot had been lived more than 24 years all along. That female parrot which died in 1984 arrived before my birth that I heard from my mom. It was called “Vokto” and it was much more talkative, always the parrot said, ” Krishna! Krishna!..Hare Krishna!”, “Maa!, Maa!” (Mom) , “Dey..Dey!” (‘Dey’ means ‘Give me’) and liked to laugh spontaneously if someone would laugh before the parrot at that time. It was crazy, a nice lovely bird that had similar human behavior and it was an astonishment to our all family members!..We were very much shocked when the little parrot died in 1984.

      2. Nilotpal , Parrots are known to be trained to speak.
        I have not seen any. It must be fun to hear them talk like us.
        Sad that you lost your parrot.


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