A little house

20 thoughts on “A little house

    • 🙂 ! I too .
      But I was wondering who the lucky person living there is.
      His senses must be immersed in serenity and beauty all the time !

      Thank you.


    • Thank you , Sid ! 🙂 !
      That little , white house in the midst of the magnificence of nature was a beautiful sight !
      And , in addition , there was quite atmosphere and cool breeze !
      What more can you ask for ?


  1. That cottage is very beautiful nestled among the rolling hills. If you use your imagination you can see how the area was formed hundreds or even thousands of years ago. How peaceful!

    • Yes , as you said , it must have taken centuries , for the formation of the region – the hills and the river .
      I was just lucky to enjoy that beautiful scenery with even more beautiful silence and cool breeze .
      I realised again , how insignificant I was , in the scheme of things of nature.

      It was a nice evening !

      Thank you , Jackie .


  2. I would love to be in this little house,, alone with time to reflect on the past several years. If cannot go there, at least I know a place like this exists and I can dream.

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