Venice - another view !


Venice – another view

14 thoughts on “Venice – another view

    • Venice is , certainly , a beautiful place . A place like no other !
      Where the traditions and old culture come alive even today.

      I visited it only once , but liked the place much.
      Thank you , Sandra.


  1. Venice is beautiful and this structure is amazingly massive as well as beautiful. How blessed you are, Uthamz, to be able to travel and see such wonderful places. ❤

    • 🙂 ! When I visited Venice , a remarkable place by any yardsticks , most of the parts were full of tourists .
      To my surprise , this area was quieter , with fewer tourists .
      The crowds in a place , certainly , affects our experience.
      For me , this part – with traditional architecture ,unique designs and interesting colors ,
      represent the characteristics of Venice . The canals and Gondolas may be added to the picture .

      Definitely , I am grateful , Jackie , that I could travel to many places .
      The richness of experience that the travel provides you , is priceless !

      Thank you. 🙂 !


    • It is a quieter part of Venice , Soubie. Serene indeed.
      But with the typical Venetian colors , architecture and the ambiance , I preferred this place to the busier streets.

      Thank you.


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