Rome. Circa 2013

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Rome. circa2013


38 thoughts on “Rome. Circa 2013

  1. Oh my! Isn’t this amazing to see these two defy gravity like this. Things like this are such a puzzle and force us to think, “How do they do that?!” This was a superb catch while on your travels, Uthamz. 🙂

    1. Certainly , the scene forces one to think on the secret behind it .
      Rome , seemed to be a serious city , Jackie, with the gigantic architecture and wide well planned roads .
      Then I saw them. No idea on how they do it .
      But ,there was a moderately large crowd watching them with great interest .
      They must have collected some good money, at the end of the show ! 🙂 !

      Thank you, Jackie .


    1. Thank you , Phil !
      It was quite interesting to watch them , sitting motionless , defying gravity though I could not figure out how they do it !


    1. Yes , Ranjit , it is in Rome.
      They looked like Indians .
      The famous Great Indian Magic – in Rome ! 🙂 !
      I have no idea , how they do it !

      Thank you , Ranjit !


  2. An extraordinary photograph of a VERY extraordinary event. His fingers don’t even look as if they’re gripping very tightly.
    Is it a trick of some kind ?
    How long were you there in order to get the shot ?

    1. 🙂 ! Must be some trick , M.R , though I don’t know how they do it .
      I watched them for nearly 15 minutes , along with a moderately large crowd , on the street in Rome.
      I shot a couple of pictures during this time.
      They just sat there motionless , seemingly defying gravity ! And got some money in the bowl !
      Then , another guy came there and covered them with black cloth . I left them , still wondering how they do it !

      Thank you , so much !


      1. And in all the times we were in Rome, Chic and I never saw anything like that ! Thank you for showing it to us all, Utham. 🙂

    1. Looked like some trick , Anil . To collect money .
      I should admit , I could not figure out how they do it !

      Thank you,


      1. Dear Utham,
        I too observed the photograph for sometime , if I can make out something. It is really wonderful trick!

    1. 🙂 ! I should admit , I have no idea. It must be a good but simple trick .
      But after some 15 minutes , they were covered in black , opaque cloth by another guy .
      Since , it was time to move on , I left the place.
      Interesting !

      Thank you.


  3. Great catch Utham!
    Not to play spoil sport here, I think the sitting ‘monk’ has a steel support running through his right sleeve, then into his robe, before being attached to a large steel plate, which may be the same size as his red rug.

    Great trick nevertheless!

    1. I do agree with you, Ausaf. It seems to be a good idea. 🙂 !
      It must be with the support of some device like the one you suggested.

      Thank you.


    1. Interesting show !
      It should be some simple trick . Didn’t seem to be much hi-tech stuff !
      Of course , they must have collected a good amount of money from the show !

      Thank you , Neha ! 🙂 !


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