Clorful finale

Colorful finale

31 thoughts on “Colorful finale

  1. Thank you for the wonderful photography Utham, this picture is a bright pick me up for a very down period in my life. Your photography cheers me up at many time in the past year. I always look forward to what you have taken shots of.

    • I am grateful for the kind words , Mitchell.
      When I know that I could provide a little sunshine into a friend’s life , my day is made !

      Thanks again .
      Glad you enjoyed the picture .


  2. You’re rich! Look at the gold you captured there. It’s amazing how the light gives the image such depth – almost like a 3-D effect. Uthamz, this is stunning! You sure see beautiful places and you are so kind to share with all of us. 🙂 ❤

    • Nature is just awesome , Jackie .It never ceases to amaze me !

      This beach is not far from my home . Sunsets happen everyday .
      But I was there at sunset for the first time .
      And what a spectacle it was !

      Thank you so much !


  3. Crikey, Utham ! – you’ve done it again !!! That’s a totally wonderful image, when there are so many sunsets to be seen on-line …
    Magic moment shot, alright ! 🙂

    • 🙂 ! Of course ,Sunset shots are all over the net .
      So I was hesitant about posting another sunset shot .
      But , then , thought it is diiferent .

      It was a visual treat , M.R . I was lucky to be there to see it.

      Thank you .


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