Clouds over Piazza Venezia. Rome

17 thoughts on “Clouds over Piazza Venezia. Rome

  1. EASILY the best photo ever taken of this ghastly building, Utham ! – as you’re sure to know already, unlovingly referred to as “the teeth” ….
    Damn Vittorio Emanuele and his lust for glory.
    Congratters to you for making it look respectable !

    • I do apprciate your knowledge of history , M.R .
      I had my last history lessons , long ago , in school days .
      I did not know anything about this building till I searched on net just before visiting Rome. I hated it when I read its history.
      And when we reached there , it was raining heavily . We waited for some time and little light came out through the clouds .
      This picture was shot at that moment.
      I thought it showed the building in its true nature – intimidating , weird , eerie place .

      Thank you , M.R


    • This is a popular building with a long history of politics , nepotism and blood , Ausaf .
      We visited it on a rainy day . I shot it when , little light come out through the clouds .

      Thank you.


  2. This is an extraordinary structure that looks like it was pulled right out of a Hollywood movie. Great shot, Uthamz. 🙂

    • We visited this place on a day with heavy rains , lightening and thunder , Jackie.
      In between the downpours , there was a brief interval when little light came out through the clouds .
      And I clicked this shot . Glad that you liked it .

      Thank you .


    • Exactly , it is so . It has a long history of politics, tears and blood , Joanne .
      With a terrible climate on the day of our visit , it looked certainly intimidating and eerie !

      Thank you.


    • It was raining heavily that day , Lesley. Terribly dull and coudy day !
      I shot it when there was a brief interval when a bit of light was seen among the clouds .
      And within a few minutes , it was raining again .

      Thank you.


    • Certainly , Alex ! I do agree with you .
      When I saw the building under the cloudy sky , it looked a bit intimidating !
      I have seen its pictures against plain sky on net .
      I thought the sky and the building enhanced each other !

      Thank you .


  3. I was so awestruck by this photo that I can’t remember if I actually posted my first comment, so I’m adding another. It is absolutely breathtaking. Thank-you very much for the view.

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