The mighty fall

30 thoughts on “The mighty fall

    • This one has been in captivity for long time , Albfor !
      It may be, because of sickness .
      The sight of its tears was touching .

      Thank you so much !


    • Its tears were really touching , John !
      It was shot in a place where nearly 50 elephants in captivity were kept.
      This one was kept away from others – may be due to sickness.

      Thank you.


    • He is accustomed to the chains , as he has been in captivity for quite some time , Sue Bee and Kat !
      May be because of illness , he was lying down with tears . Not sure , though .

      Thank you very much ! 🙂 !


    • Tears , even in the eyes of an animal , are depressing .
      I am not sure of the posture and the tears.
      May be he was sick .

      Thank you.


    • This was shot in a place near the famous shrine of Krishna , in Guruvayoor , in Kerala , Mathangi !
      There were nearly 50 elephants there .
      This one stayed away from others.
      May be sick. Not sure.

      Thank you.


  1. I love elephants and this is very sad. These magnificent creatures have more love and caring than some humans I know. ❤ ❤ 😦

    • There is some special importance and affection for elephants in the culture of this region , Jackie.
      They are loved and revered , especially in religious festivals and customs .
      But , the cruelty against them is also not rare.

      The tears in his eyes were depressing !

      Thank you, Jackie .

  2. If a good image stirs feelings in the viewer, than this one was excellent. I felt not only sad, but almost as helpless to do anything as the elephant itself, by the tears that are visible, appeared to be feeling.

    • This was shot in a centre that takes care of lots of elephants in captivity , Brian.
      This elephant kept in isolation. May be it was sick. It seemed helpless .
      Its tears made me sad , as well.

      Thank you .


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