A little BIG catch

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A little BIG catch


7 thoughts on “A little BIG catch

    1. I am not sure what kind of fish it is , M.R .

      I met this guy when just we were walking along the beach .
      He had that spring in his steps of a big success ! 🙂 !
      I asked whether I can take a photograph . He was happy to pose with his catch !

      I visited your blog today. My birthday is on 5th of January.
      Sorry , I am ‘ regularly irregular ‘ in reading the blog.
      But , when I have time will be reading several posts together .

      All the best for your project !
      Thank you so much !


  1. Big SKINNY fish! How cool is that… This young man should indeed be proud to have caught this gar. 🙂

    1. He was happily going home with his catch , when I met him.
      And he was quite happy to pose with his catch ! 🙂 !
      I liked his enthusiasm !

      Thank you , Jackie !


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