Fountain of Trevi

Fountain of Trevi

5 thoughts on “Fountain of Trevi

  1. That – is – one – very – beautiful – fountain! If I were there in person I bet I could stare at it for hours. This is really lovely, Uthamz. ❤

    • It is , certainly , a beautiful fountain , Jackie ! And the concept and the sculptures are just magnificent !
      Only problem is a huge crowd there to watch and enjoy it .
      Getting a shot without visitors has been tough . I had to wait for quite some time.

      Thank you so much !


    • M.R , It was 24mm on a full frame camera .( That’s the widest focal length I have !)
      I shot three frames with different exposure and merged it to HDR in Photoshop.
      – not to miss the subtle color and texture variations .
      I cropped out the upper part of the structure
      to make the sculptures and the fountain more prominent .

      Happy that you liked the image , M.R .
      Have a nice weekend !


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