20 thoughts on “Friends

    • 🙂 ! We were just relaxing on the beach , M.R . And it was a quiet evening .
      Suddenly , I noticed these guys – against a beautiful backdrop .

      I wish I had noticed their faces …
      I could have given them a print of the image , just to see their reaction .
      I did not think of it , then .

      Thank you M.R


      • I’m tickled pink to think that you get any such moments of total relaxation, Utham; for the gods know how much you must need them.

  1. What a lovely image! Nothing could be sweeter than love before the ‘new’ wears off. ❤

    • 🙂 ! They were walking away from us , at a very slow pace , as if they had all the time in the world .
      May be they were enjoying the beauty of sunset .
      May be they were discussing the problems of their hard day .

      Against a beautiful sunset , their forms were striking !

      Thank you , Jackie !


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