Focus !


Focus !

30 thoughts on “Focus !

    • There was a small chirpy bird sitting on a low branch of the tree nearby, MR.
      Our friend was focused on it . His look , I thought , was interesting . He totally ignored me.

      Thank you , M R.
      Thanks a lot !


    • Big cats , I feel , are always interesting .
      There is an regal element in all of them !
      This one was focused on a small bird.

      Thank you , Jackie !


  1. Mesmerizing! I took some animal photos recently but in my case, they had to be taken at the zoo. No access to this sort of animal running free when living in the wilds of the Chicago metropolitan area….and that’s a good thing!!


    • This is also a zoo shot , Janet ! Luckily , this one is kept in two layers of strong net , not iron bars .
      I manually focused on this guy , so that the nets are not visible in the picture

      Happy that you enjoyed the image , Janet !
      Thank you.


    • This is a zoo shot , Rhiannon , not wild life . I am sorry .
      I have been to safari trip , but for getting sharp pictures in the wild is quite difficult .
      Good practice is a must. Many of my pictures in the wild were a bit soft.
      And the easiest way to practice is frequent visits to local zoo.

      Thank you.


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